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About us

 Company Profile:

Iran china Clay Industries Company Is the biggest and experienced company in producing processed kaolin in noodled and micronized from in Iran the company was established in 1985 and its processing plant was also exploited in 1993.

This company is pleased by having more than 25 years experience in raw material production and has always been supported ceramic manufacturers such as porcelain ,table ware, Sanitary ware ,Tiles and Ceramics ,insulators ,Cement industries , etc.

The nominal capacity of production lines were about 150,000tons (per year) processed product and 350,000 tons (per year) unprocessed product in which has been increased to 180,000 tons in all kinds of processed kaolin per year by improving operations/processing methods .Today increasing capacity preferment and expanding and foreign market are our strategic aims.



 Zonouz Kaolin Mine:

The mine with 60,000,000 tons proven reserve 100,000,000 tons probable reserve and exploiting more than 550,000tons annually is the largest kaolin mine in Middle East since 1954.The mine is located in 20Km North East of Marand city in the province of East Azarbayejan white an area of more than 140 km2.

Exploitation is open pit mining method and in the comprehensive plan designed by the most powerfull mine design and planning software in this mine about 10000 meter core boring in a 70 exploration cores have already done and this project is still continuing.

Some of our advantages

□Low Fe2O3 and a few TIO2                    Uniform and constant products specifications within

□Guaranties High Brightness                      many years experience supported by ZONOUZ

□High Modulus Of Rupture                         kaolin mine with more than 160 million tons reserve

□High Casting Rate

□Good Rheology Behavior

Production Lines:

The production line includes three steps as below:

  1. Grinding homogenization and powder production (size reduction)
  2. Wet processing and refining
  3. Dewatering and Drying

In the first stage, the raw material that comes from the mine in lump shape using two stages of crusher will be crushed to below 40 millimeter size, stored in homogenization salon , Next it has become powdered and micronized by roller mill , Small portion of this product will be sold and the heft passes to the second stage.

In the second stage of production line, powder and water are mixed material passes through processing line in slurry from, first one de-coarsing stage with spiral classifier will be done.

Furthermore , via a number of hydro cyclone stages in various sizes , silica removing and kaolin purity increasing will be done Silica removing levels and kaolin grade for each type of products are different and this will be done with respect to product characteristics .At the end of this stage , processed products in suspended particles go into the thin slurry and pass to the third stage.

In the third stage dewatering will be done via thickeners and filter presses , Cakes which are produced by filter presses , go through extruder to become noodle, Afterward these noodles go into triple belt dryer and via indirect heating method with clean air which warmed by heat exchanger become dry , Final products becomes noodles and micronized to be sent to packing zone.


Processed products are filled in jumbo bags (1000 kg/bag) or 50kg small bags , depending on product type (in powder in powder or noodle shape) are delivered to customers. Different types or raw kaolin in homogenized style are stored in special with different particle sizes will also be delivered to customers.


Products of this company are exporting to Asian countries such as India, turkey, Bangladesh. Pakistan, United Arab Emirates ,Turkmenistan , Armenia and Indonesia.

R & D and QC center

This canter includes Chemistry , Physics laboratories , are well as raw material preparation and pilot plant , utilizing experienced , facilities and equipments and operates in following fields:

▪Quality control of raw material from exploitation and transporting stages to Depot in the factory.

▪Quality control of product during the production process.(process inspection)

▪Providing services to other Mineral processing , Ceramic and Porcelain producing in different fields.

Pilot Plant Unit:

This center is equipped with Blunger , Hydro cyclone , Filter press and other taboratory  equipments which are used in its R&D Purpuses.

In preparation site , raw materials are prepared to determine physical and chemical characteristics via jaw crusher , hammer mill , Jar mill , fast mill , etc.

Physics Laboratory:

In this center physical characteristics are measured via high-technology machines and equipments.

Operation are carried out as below:

1.Color and brightness measurement                      7.Dry and fired bending strength measurement

2.Viscosity measurement(Brookfiald , Lehmann)   8.Water absorption test

3.,Moisture measurement                                         9.Drying and fining shrinkage test

4.Partical size distribution test                                  10.Peff , Plasticity test

  1. Wet/dry sieve analysis 11.Abrasion test
  2. Simultaneous thermal analysis 12.Determination of kaolin slurry density

Chemistry laboratory:

In this center , some Oxides such as Fe2O3,SO-2  , CaO, TIO2 , MgO , SiO2  , Al2O3  , Na2O , K2 O and L.O.I measured via wet chemical analysis . This center is also equipped with Spectrophotometer , Flame photometer , Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer , etc.

In such laboratories all the samples of raw . intermediate and processed products are tested daily for chemical analysis and physical characteristics.


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