Extraordinary General Assembly of Iran Porcelain Industries Company (Kakhak) was held with the announcement of an increase of two thousand billion rials in the capital of this company.
According to the public relations of Iran Porcelain Industries Company, the extraordinary general assembly of this company was held on December 11, 1400 in the presence of the representatives of the shareholders of this company in the Tehran factory. The assembly approved a 133 percent capital increase from cash flow and shareholder claims.
At the beginning of the meeting, according to the legal quorum and the announcement of the presence of 85% of shareholders in the meeting, as well as the presence of the representative of the stock exchange and other shareholders of the company through the online distribution system and the official announcement of the meeting began.
Mansourpour Mehdi, the head of Iran Porcelain Industries Company, in a report to the Board of Directors and shareholders, explained the company's performance and the reasons and results of the capital increase.
Pourmehdi said: "The purpose of increasing the capital is to provide the necessary financial resources for the construction of the fifth kaolin processing line, the production project of autoclaved gas lightweight concrete block and panel (AAC) and dry mortar and the production line of micronized quicklime for autoclaved concrete."
Accordingly, the capital of Iran Porcelain Industries Company increased from 1500 billion Rials to 3500 billion Rials, equivalent to 133%, in order to implement the company's development plans.

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